Branch Clerk - Sandy Marsh

Branch Clerk - Sandy Marsh

The Branch Clerk is a quiet pillar of strength in our business.

They stand behind the Funeral Planner making the bookings, filling the forms out and making sure everything is in order at each branch.

Most importantly they are the consoling face you see each time you visit a Seasons branch. There’s Judy at Kelmscott, Jayne at Canning Vale, Kimberley at Mandurah and Leizel at Redcliffe.

But to we would like you to meet a very special lady. Sandy Marsh is the face of our Balcatta branch.

Sandy has been with us for some years and as you can tell is just someone who gets on with it and loves what she does.

Thanks for sharing the great sense of joy of the job, Sandy. Your work is so very much appreciated by both the Seasons team and by the families we serve.

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