Catholic and Croatian Funerals


Perth is a vibrant, multicultural society. As passionate believers in over-service, Seasons works hard to make sure that we provide a burial funeral or cremation that honours and respects the traditions and protocols of a wide variety of cultures when putting loved ones to rest.

Our Catholic funeral arrangers and directors take pride in organising funerals for Catholic families with careful attention and respect to all customs, rituals, faith-based protocols and any specially tailored requirements.

What matters most to us is guiding you toward the most memorable and fitting tribute possible to the person we are to farewell. This means we surpass the basics of a Catholic Mass and truly tailor your service to the faith and cultural background of the deceased, their family and their friends. We seek to touch everyone who attends, and reflect to all, the unique spirit of the departed.

Seasons also knows the smallest details are hugely important. When it comes to your flowers, photos, music, video and religious icons, your arranger will ensure every detail is exactly as wished.

Once the funeral has been organised with your Seasons personal Catholic funeral arranger you then contact the Parish Priest to plan the funeral service. Each Priest will have chosen requirements for the conduct of Christian Funeral Rites. If you require assistance your Seasons funeral arranger can help organise a Priest, if required, and the church.

Seasons is proud to have a long association with the Catholic Church in Western Australia. Whilst our dedicated Catholic arrangers are well versed in cultural intricacies, we do recommend that you discuss any specific issues that you have relating to the Catholic Church, faith and funerals with the Parish Priest in charge of the church you have chosen. Read more in our Catholic Funerals brochure

Croatian Translation

Naši organizatori pokopa i službenici su ponosni na način kojim organiziraju pokope za katoličke obitelji uz svu moguću pažnju i poštivanje svih običaja, obreda I pravila utemeljenih na katoličkoj vjeri, kao i na osobnim zahtjevima obitelji. Pročitajte više u našem hrvatskom pogreba brošuri