Personalised Innovative Funerals

Seasons wants to change the way we look at funerals forever by creating innovative funerals. Up until about 20 years ago, we had what we used to call “cookie-cutter” funerals, where each service was identical to the last – just a different name on the coffin.

These days, funerals are much more about celebrating a life. About telling a life story. We are passionate about helping to arrange a service that is true to the person who has passed away; that is representative of the life that they lead – and we are passionate about innovation. Was your loved one a fervent West Coast Eagles fan?

We’ve held services at the Paterson Stadium. Were they out surfing by the time the sun came up each morning? They can have their funeral on a beach. We’ve arranged funerals in farm paddocks, in sheds, in family homes and on the Swan River.

Talk to us for more details on personalised innovative funerals.