Seasons High Tea. Perth Funeral Catering

We find that there is often a mood shift when the formalities of a funeral service are over, and everyone lingers for a cuppa.

The service is often full of highs and lows, tears and smiles, reflections. It can be a roller coaster, and the atmosphere is often emotional; everyone is there in the moment. Right there, focused, feeling.

But then after the hearse drives away, a different mood often seems to set in. People mill around, talking, reflecting. Not just on the loved one departed, but on life more broadly, and catching up with people they haven’t seen in years and then some. The boy from across the road in the early 80s, the crazy cousins who now live in Hong Kong, the old uncle who ran off with his secretary 15 years ago. “Good to see you again”; “this is my partner”; “you are looking great”; “how’s…”; “do you remember when he…”

To us, it seems a shame to spoil these pivotal occasions in people’s lives with bad food and drinks. We think such special occasions should be enriched by the environment, the service and the catering. Everything should be just so.

That’s why we are upping the ante with “Seasons High Tea”. At our Chapels. your church, your home, your venue of choice.

Seasons High Tea. Perth Funeral Catering.