Catholic funerals Perth

Catholic funerals Perth

Seasons has a well-known association with the Catholic Church in Western Australia. Historically I have personally conducted many Catholic funerals, and what has always really mattered to me is guiding the bereaved family toward the most memorable and fitting tribute possible to the deceased.

It can appear difficult to personalise Catholic funerals, as many people assume that the customs and faith-based protocols are too rigid. However at Seasons, we surpass the basics of a Catholic Mass and tailor the funeral service to the faith and cultural background of the deceased, their family and their friends.

I remember one particular Catholic funeral service. It was an unexpected death of a 28-year old woman, who was supposed to have a Catholic marriage a few weeks later. Originally from Perth, she spent some time travelling overseas and fell in love. After a long distance courtship, they decided to settle in Perth. They married civilly and were planning a traditional Catholic wedding in St Patrick’s Basilica, Fremantle. When she passed away suddenly and unexpectedly just weeks before their big day, her family chose the Basilica to hold her funeral service.

The bereaved family decided to personalise the funeral service with wedding photos in a DVD tribute to acknowledge the fact they were already married. On the burial day, we drove past the park where they were married on the way to the Church. During the funeral mass, the husband spoke some words by way of welcome and remembrance. It was a moving celebration of his wife’s life.

We know at Seasons that the smallest details will assist in reflecting the unique spirit of the departed. We recognise the differences of all cultures, and seek to organise multi-cultural funeral services at Seasons that are tailored to cultural groups and their specific needs.

What makes a Seasons’ Catholic funeral service an incomparable tribute is the care we take in offering appropriate choices to individualise each component of the service.

Many people enquire as to the mechanics of a Catholic funeral service, and ask how they can be personalised.

Typically, Seasons staff will first meet the bereaved family in their home to make arrangements for the service. The evening before the service offers an important moment for the family and their close relatives and friends to mourn. In the Catholic tradition, one custom is to visit the home of the close relatives of the deceased to share their grief.

Some choose to go to the church parlour, to view the body and to pray for a short time. Some choose to pray the rosary in the funeral home. Whichever way you choose, we will strive to create a vigil meaningful for you.

Then there follows the funeral mass of Christian burial with prayers for the deceased. This mass is an expression of belief in the resurrection.

Seasons usually arranges an opportunity for the bereaved family to discuss the funeral mass with the priest. This enables family and close relatives to express their love for the person in a unique way. A special booklet can be made, although it is not absolutely necessary.

We are very proud of our long association with the Catholic Church in Western Australia and to serve this community as much as possible.

If you have any questions, please contact us at any time on 1800 732 766. Also visit our multicultural funeral services page for more useful information on our Catholic funeral service.

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