Funerals Perth – Celebrating Loved Ones Life

Funerals Perth – Celebrating Loved Ones Life

Perth has rapidly grown into a multicultural society, so at Seasons, we fully embrace the need for culturally specific funerals in Perth. We understand that some families are not religious and prefer a non-religious celebrant, whilst others have exact religious or cultural requirements.

Ethnic diversity is the life blood of Australia and we offer a wide range of services that uphold and celebrate the cultural traditions of your religion and your family.

Funerals Perth – celebrate the life of your loved one with a meaningful, cultural funeral

Whoever you chose to run the funeral ceremony, we can contact them for you and work with them to give you the funeral and the service required by your culture. We specialize in providing funerals for Kiwi or Polynesian cultures, Catholic and Croatian services, and Italian and Macedonian funerals.

What matters most to us is that your cultural and religious beliefs are upheld and that we celebrate the life of your loved one with a very culturally sensitive ceremony. So if you have specific requirements concerning the flowers, music and the ceremony itself for example, your personal funeral arranger will ensure that every single requirement is met to your exact specifications.

Perth funerals – the benefits of a culturally sensitive funeral for your loved one
  • Family members and friends can pay tribute to your loved one in a meaningful and heart-warming celebration, which supports your cultural and religious beliefs.
  • We can arrange for your ceremony to be held in a private residence, church, chapel, temple, mosque or any other location which is appropriate for your culture.
  • If you want to follow the funeral with a culturally appropriate get together or with a specific type of meal, we can work with you to ensure that everything goes off without a hitch.
  • We specialise in providing High Tea catering for our funerals, but we can work with you to accommodate any other culturally appropriate catering options.
Perth funerals – repatriation services

If you want your loved one to be interred in your home country, we can arrange for a culturally appropriate Perth funeral service, before your loved one travels home. We can also arrange transport for your loved one to your home country.

If you are receiving your loved one from overseas, we can arrange to meet them at the airport and organise the funeral and ceremony to your specific requirements.

So if you would like to pay tribute to your loved one with a funeral that upholds your culture, traditions and beliefs, please call Seasons Perth Funerals on 1800 732 766, email us at or complete our online enquiry form.

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