What's it ACTUALLY like to be a Funeral Arranger?

What's it ACTUALLY like to be a Funeral Arranger?
Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a Funeral Arranger?

Our fantastic team leader, Tammy Kyle, is based at the Seasons Mandurah branch. She is a real asset to our company and we asked her a few questions about her job…

What does a usual day involve?

No day is ever the same. If I am having a busy day then that means there are families suffering from the loss of a loved one. As most of our Seasons families prefer to have a personalised service, I have a variety of requests and this will always keep me busy. I am also grateful to have a efficient and experienced Office Administrator, Ariana Edwards, who makes my role easier.

How about a day where you are holding a funeral?

Arranging a loved one’s funeral involves a large amount of planning. The days prior to a funeral service involve coordinating necessary paperwork, ordering of flowers, stationary, music, DVD photo presentations, legal documentation etc. It also involves daily communication with the family as they may change some of the details. By the time the day of the funeral arrives, it’s time to be mentally prepared. The most important thing is knowing that the prior preparation has taken place and that your funeral team on the day knows what is to happen. The staff at Seasons are very experienced, however every service is different so you must brief them at least a day prior.

What is the best thing about your role?

Having the ability to build a trusting relationship with a loved one’s family. It is my role to make sure that the service for their loved one not only reflects that person’s life but also preserves their memories. It is personally rewarding having families thank you for exceeding their expectations with the farewell of their loved one. As Seasons takes pride in being so innovative in our farewells, I know I have the support to make this happen.

Who or what inspired you to do this job?

Coming from a Maori background, I went to many funerals from a young age. I always remember seeing family members becoming very upset when they wanted cultural protocol followed and then needing to explain why. So I promised myself that I would make sure I would have the ability to take care of my own culture and many others at such an emotional time.

I believe that if you have a funeral ritual due to cultural or religious beliefs that you shouldn’t have to justify it. As long as I, the Funeral Director, understand why this must happen it makes my role a lot easier. It also takes this stress away from the family so they can grieve in they way they are accustomed to.

Has anything interesting or significant happened during your time working in the funeral industry?

Each funeral service that I have the honour of planning is significant in its own special way. Seasons encourages families to have a funeral service that is best suited to their loved one. So we have held services at our chapel, churches, parks, lakes, yacht clubs… a huge variety of locations. Since working in the funeral industry, I have realised that age is not a contributing factor to someone passing away. I have learnt to value and appreciate my family and friends on a greater level.

The Seasons Mandurah branch is at 49 Pinjarra Road, Mandurah. You can contact Tammy here.

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