Perth Funerals – Overcome grief and loss with a life coaching workshop

Perth Funerals – Overcome grief and loss with a life coaching workshop

At Seasons Funeral Homes, we not only focus on funerals in Perth, but we also offer life coaching workshops to help our clients overcome their feelings of grief. Not everyone is the same and we all react to loss in different ways, but in general, when you have lost someone close to you, there is also a loss in focus and life’s direction.

Perth funerals – what are the benefits of attending our life coaching workshops?

Overcoming the grief of losing a loved one can be the most challenging time of your life. Many people feel that they just can’t go on and their life seems to come to a sudden halt. They lose their purpose in life and their reason for living, they no longer see any future for themselves.

Just because the funeral in Perth is over and everyone else returns to their normal lives, does not mean that your life returns to normal as well. In many cases, people feel that the life they had before has gone forever and now they face a completely different life – one that they don’t like and have no idea how to navigate.

Life coaching might seem a strange concept to you, but there are some very serious benefits to these workshops, which you might not have considered.

Perth funerals – attending a life coaching workshop can give you peace

No-one can take away the grief and pain you feel from your loss, but our life coaching sessions can help you walk through your grief in a healthy way. You may continue to feel the loss and the grief for a long time, but being able to process these feelings, accept them and talk about them in a safe and comfortable environment, will help you to navigate this new time in your life.

Some people stop themselves from accepting their loss and they don’t give themselves permission to grieve. They become angry and stay angry, but in the end, this only leads to more loss and more grief. Overcoming grief has a lot to do with giving yourself permission to grieve and empowering yourself to accept your loss on a visceral level.

Our life coaching workshops help you to give yourself permission to move through your grief and to live again. Carrying your memories with you, you will eventually move forward into your future in both peace and expectation, looking forward to new experiences and to meeting new people.

No-one should spend their life isolated and in grief, we all deserve peace and hope in our lives. So if you feel that you can benefit from our life coaching workshops, please call Seasons Perth Funerals on 1800 732 766, email us at or complete our online enquiry form.

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