Perth Funerals – Celebrating life with a customised and innovative funeral

Perth Funerals – Celebrating life with a customised and innovative funeral

Funerals in Perth have always been professional, but over the years they have tended towards the cookie-cutter mentality, haven’t they? Where every funeral seems very similar to every other funeral with nothing that really distinguishes one funeral from another.

At Seasons, we want to change all of that and bring a celebratory air to our funerals. Of course, we don’t want to celebrate death, we want to embrace the death of a loved one by celebrating their life and their achievements, in a way which embodies who they were as a person.

Perth funerals – how to celebrate your loved one’s life

Let us tell your loved one’s story and share their beliefs, their likes and dislikes and their accomplishments with yourself, your family members and all of your friends. At Seasons, we want to give you the Perth funeral you want for your loved one, and we want it to be meaningful and to truly reflect the life of your loved one.

Perth funerals – choose your own celebrant

Do you want a family member to run the ceremony, a religious leader or a celebrant? Whatever you are comfortable with, we are happy to accommodate your wishes. If you already have someone in mind, then no worries, but if you need some help with your selection, then we can help you make the right choice for you and your family.

Some people would prefer a family member to perform the ceremony, others definitely want a non-religious celebrant and yet others want their family’s religious leader to be a major part of the service. There is no right or wrong choice here, it is simply what is best for your family.

Perth funerals – choose your own location

Do you want to hold the ceremony in a religious building, the local crematorium or another place of your choosing? A funeral can be held anywhere, indoors or outdoors and if it is to be held inside a non-religious building, you simply need the owner’s permission.

We have held funerals on the beach, in stadiums, in sheds, paddocks and in family homes. So if your loved one felt passionate about a certain area, went surfing every morning, loved the views over the bay or was an avid sailor, together we can design a funeral that perfectly suits your needs.

After all, your loved one put their heart and soul into living as good and as happy a life as they were able, so it is only right that you honour them and celebrate their life in a way that you know they would appreciate.

So if you would like to celebrate the life of your loved one with an innovative and customized funeral, please call Seasons Perth Funerals on 1800 732 766, email us at or complete our online enquiry form.

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